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Turf Specials

Pre-Season Team Rates

-TURF: $100 per hour

-ICE: $125 per hour



*Email to set up 1 free team training*


Ice Specials

HOCKEY $75 Sundays

Rent a rink for only $75 for an hour no matter how many people skate!

You may book more than one hour, but please call at least 24 hours in advance



Gift Cards

Available in any denomination!

Use STS gift cards towards programs,

merchandise, or your next party!



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S&C Tip of the Month

The main goals for athletes are to stay healthy and to excel at their sport. The main cause of injury for athletes are overuse injuries. It's one thing to try and replicate sport movements in the weight room to get stronger at them, but it's another to put yourself at risk for overuse injuries. We need to develop qualities that will lead to improvements in performance while training movements that will lead us away from dysfunction. The take away? Train movement patterns (squat, deadlift, push, pull etc..) and let skill practice take care of sport performance. Stay healthy and excel!