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Special Strength & Conditioning Promotions:

STS AAA Membership 

Adult referral incentives!

Only $75 for UNLIMITED sessions through the end of March

- Monday through Friday 

- 4:15pm, 5:30pm, and 6:45pm groups

Spots are limited per hour so purchase your monthly pass now!


Strength & Conditioning

Basic Programs:

**12 sessions for $180**

Good for athletes of all ages and skills! 

Pioneer Group (ages 11-12)

Junior Group (ages 13-14)

Prep (ages 15+)


Email   to sign up.


Kids Fit Programs

Only $10 per session!

For More Information


Turf Specials

Pre-Season Team Rates

-TURF: $100 per hour

-ICE: $125 per hour


*Email to set up 1 free team training*


Ice Specials

HOCKEY $75 Sundays

Rent a rink for only $75 no matter how many people skate!

1 Hour

You may book more than one hour, but please call at least 24 hours in advance



Gift Cards

Available in any denomination!

Use STS gift cards towards programs,

merchandise, or your next party!

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S&C Tip of the Month

 People often complain about muscles being "tight". What most people refer to as tightness is often a problem with muscles being overstimulated, or never being able to relax. When muscles get to this point it's often in response to movement dysfunction. When muscles can't relax, or turn off, there's no amount of stretching that will help you. What is needed is a repositioning of certain joints and activation of other muscles to stop the compensatory movements in the first place. Relax the muscles.

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